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Combatting Urinary Tract Infections


Anybody who’s had a urinary tract infection will remember it.  It’s very hard to forget!  If you’ve been unlucky enough to have had them regularly you’ll probably be aware of some protocols to help prevent them.  If one pops up the trick is to quickly recognise the signs and act quick.

What are the symptoms?

Burning with urination, Frequent urges to urinate, Lower abdominal pain or aching, Blood in your urine (sometimes, but not always), Cloudy urine, Weird smelling urine, and also a cold feeling in your lower back.

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The Lowdown on Water Filters

Water Filters Confusion

Working out the ins and outs of water filters can be very confusing business!  There are so many opinions; what’s good, what’s not, why, what you’re filtering, costs, what your needs are, the list goes on.  We recently researched the various water filtration options for our house and it’s quite a process (and it took weeks!).  I’ll do my best to summarise the differences between the most popular options here:

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What’s in Our Water?

glass of water

About 12 months ago I noticed that our tap water started to smell like a swimming pool.  It tasted like a swimming pool too.  We always had great tasting water, but all at once that changed.  I was always aware that our water had been fluoridated but had little knowledge about what else was being added to treat our drinking water.  It was obvious that chlorine was included, among other things.  I was always told that fluoride was good for me and I believed it.  Since I could now taste chlorine and other weirdness I became suspicious and started looking further.  Wow, was I surprised by what I found!

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