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Chafers Anonymous

Summer Saviour!  Cotton rich, breathable undies to prevent chafing.  Brilliant!
Summer Saviour! Cotton rich, breathable undies to prevent chafing. Brilliant!

Chafers unite!  As the summer months approach we of fleshy thighs must find a way to combat the dreaded chafe.  Move on if you’re one of those lucky folk that were born with non-touching thighs, but if you’re one of the many that were not (or perhaps enjoy the odd scone too many) then read on.

In July we planned a sunny holiday in steamy and exotic Singapore and Indonesia.  In a frantic pre-packing panic I went searching for something like bike shorts that I could wear under light coloured dresses and skirts in a climate where chafing is a given.  The only thing I could find was skimpy gym pants in black, or sometimes the odd festive, bright-coloured print.  You know the type I’m talking about, the little short-shorts that women with buns of steel (and never a chafing day in their life) could wear, in public on their way to the gym.  These ‘solutions’ were both unsuitable and not fit for purpose.

In a stroke of genius I remembered Etsy!  Sadly it was too late to order and receive international delivery in time for a holiday only a few days away, but the good part was that I found solutions.  I bought those horrid gym pants, strictly for wearing under black skirts and dresses, they did the job, ‘sort of’… It was a sweaty affair all that black, tight, polyester fabric in tropical heat.  I also bought some too-bulky cotton shorty-shorts made of terry towelling fabric in a makeshift ‘skin’ tone (better described as apricot) and flashes of apricot and bulk (on top of my bulk) could be spotted underneath the wispy light fabrics of lighter dresses and skirts.  Ugh!!  The frustration!  Even skinny friends suffer from chafing so why the hell is it so hard to find solutions?  Especially in a sunny country like Australia?

If you are a chafer please share this information with your chafing friends.  Unfortunately it’s one of those things people don’t talk about but it’s real and this is a community service.  

Yesterday I received delivery of my favourite solution from Intertwined Designs on Etsy (see the main picture).  Betsy is the maker.  She’s ‘Betsy from Etsy’ to me.  She makes these attractive, high quality undergarments and they are perfect for the problem (they even have a gusset), different colours to choose from, excellent size guides for a perfect fit and they are comfy.  I bought the nude/natural colour and it is completely acceptable under light fabrics.  Find a link to her store below.

Intertwined Designs on Etsy

Long UNdies
Other long underwear solutions that caught my eye include:
You can choose bamboo jersey fabric over spandex which is great if you’d rather choose a cooler (and healthier) fabric.
il_570xN.653169715_qzp4il_570xN.230432411These pantaloons have a really cute vintage appeal.  I like them for not being a clingy fabric.  You know how it is on some days when you just don’t want to feel restricted?!
Unfortunately until retail catches up (especially in places like Australia) we need to buy online to find our obscure little solutions to life’s little problems.  Allow 2 weeks for delivery so plan ahead!!  If you want your undies or pantaloons to be shorter, less bows, etc you can contact the makers and have them even more customised.

I hope you found this info helpful!

♥ Kelly Lynne

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Disclaimer.  I am not paid for my reviews.  My opinions are my own based on the research that I have conducted over many years.  I use various resources to find my information.  An excellent resource is an app called ‘Chemical Maze’, other resources include the Good Guide, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), as well as the internet.  You can find lots of information if you scratch beneath the surface.  My aims are to clean up my life and home and to share what I find with you so you can do the same if it’s that you want to do. 

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Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes

Today’s spotlight is on baby wipes.  Wow!  There are a lot of different brands out there and whilst I set out on this discovery mission intending to cover them all I soon worked out that I’d be here till next week trying.  My criteria is strict and I say, ‘Rightly so!’  These wipes will be used all through the day and night on your baby’s bum (and precious skin too).

I have a problem with any skin product that contains toxins, and there are lots!

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